The B(e) gining – Starters guide to photography  

iphone-panoramic-photosOK. So today is the day I’m putting my thoughts into action. My first question was, what do I start with? Do I go down to Best Buy and get a DSLR or another camera? Do I get specialized processing software or equipment?

My answer: No, most defiantly not and here is why.

  1. I’m a newb when it comes to photography, so heavy investment is not a good idea.
  2. I’m a geek, so I want to go a more geeky route.
  3. I also want to see, from a tech’s perspective, how far I can push the normally in-hand camera. Thats a smartphone.

I own and use an iPhone 5 for everyday use and I have a Macbook Pro. With this in mind I’m am looking to invest in some iPhone/Mac based apps and accessories . My first step was to search out information on the topic of using an iPhone as your main camera. Luckly, there is plenty of information when it comes to using the iPhone as a camera. has a great starters guide and supplemental information to get a newbe  such as myself started.

Apps Chosen:

  • As suggested; Camera+ seems to be a great app, and CHEEP! Only $1.99 as of this writing. For stabilization, added exposure, hard to go wrong.
  • On the Mac I’m choosing to work with iPhoto, which comes with the Mac as part of iLife. Pixelmator($14.99) also seems to offer a range of tools for editing on my Mac and it’s cheep enough with some good reviews to give it a try.
  • I also wanted something that was specialized toward effects. I’ve chosen FX Photo Studio Pro ($17.99); mostly because it seems to offer some great additional effects and reviews on it seem very good.
  • Later, once I get more comfortable with the tools I have, I intend to start working with Aperture from Apple ($99), but thats more than what I want to spend right now.

In part two we’ll discuss must have hardware accessories.

To Be Continued…….

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